Mission Statement

Milestones Children’s Centre is committed to providing quality care and learning experiences for children in a safe environment.  Our programs enrich the emotional, social, physical and intellectual growth of each child.

Vision Statement

Milestones Children’s Centre will continue to be a valued community leader making a positive difference in the lives of children and families by providing exceptional care, expanding services and building partnerships.

Value Statements


We create an environment where people are included, valued and treated with dignity.


We develop collaborative, respectful and open relationships with individuals, families and community partners.


We create an inclusive environment that is open and welcoming to all.


We embrace change and foster new and creative ideas.


We practice high standards of ethical behaviour and conduct ourselves in a professional and honest manner.

Milestones Children's centre


  • Have a healthy work environment that is positive, engaging, respectful and stable
  • Engage staff through social events: challenges, family fun days, team builds
  • Ensure necessary resources/supports are in place to support mental health awareness for all staff
  • Enhance staff recognition/appreciation in deliberate/meaningful ways, for all staff
  • Expand child care capacity to support families
  • Use technology to support increased license capacity
  • Successfully open Milestones Children Centre Aylmer-Assumption child care program
  • Have “go green” practice that supports healthy children/environment
  • Have ongoing increased family engagement
  • Maximize community partners in children’s programming activities to provide opportunity/knowledge growth
  • Have a menu that focuses/supports cultural/healthy awareness
  • Ensure the community, families, staff understand importance of quality childcare
  • Ensure that Milestones Children’s Centre is recognized in the community as being educational
  • Support children and families with transition to school
  • Utilize the Children’s Centre inside and outside capacity
  • Enhance aesthetics of hallways/common areas
  • Ensure the safety and security of the children’s centre inside/outside
  • Develop opportunities that support staff growth/development while increasing knowledge/responsibility
  • Build employee knowledge through company planned learning
  • Enhance employee orientation to set all up for success

Program Statement

Program Policy

Growth and SOCIAL Committee

The Growth and Social Committee is made up of employees and is voluntary.
The Growth and Social Committee’s goals are to:

Accessible Customer
Service Plan

In accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, (AODA), you are welcome to view our most recent Accessibility Report .

In addition, if you would like to read our multi-year accessibility plan, as a statement and plan regarding our ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of any person who comes to our door, you can view our report directly.


St. Thomas Food Charter Endorsement

Milestones Children’s Centre endorses the Elgin St. Thomas Food Charter.

  • Affordable, safe, healthy food as an essential building block for physical, mental, spiritual, social and emotional wellbeing
  • Understanding and awareness of the relationship between our food system and our environment, health, economy, and community
  • Opportunities that strengthen the individual’s and community’s understanding of a healthy food system from farm to fork
  • Initiatives that develop food literacy and hands-on food skills
  • A local food system that supports economically sustainable farming, processing, and distribution of food
  • Mutually beneficial relationships among all stakeholders in the value chain
  • Promoting our region as a food, agricultural, and culinary destination
  • Protecting farmland and freshwater resources for local food production and safe sources of drinking water
  • Producing, processing and distributing foods in a way that reduces waste and conserves energy and the natural environment
  • Promoting the dignity, joy, and sociability of growing, preparing and eating food
  • Celebrating and promoting respect for traditional, cultural, and spiritual food diversity
  • Connecting our rich agricultural history to our contemporary food practices
  • Safe, healthy, and affordable food and water as a basic human right
  • Income, housing, food, education, employment, transportation, and environmental policies that support access to healthy food for all
  • Promoting food self-reliance through community food programs to reduce dependence on emergency food services